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Everyday Is A Winding Road
Aerials in the sky. When you lose small mind, you free your life.
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8th-Feb-2011 12:12 am - STOP!!

This journal is. . .

Not to worry, comment to be added. In your comment, introduce yourself. Tell me something unique about you then add me as a friend. :) I may or may not accept your request <3

Also, if we've been talking a lot online then just go ahead and add me. I'll accept right away if we're acquainted.
Prince Utena
7th-Jun-2009 12:40 pm - ~My Lolita Wishlist~
Just One Click AwayCollapse )*NOTE:: I will accept replicas from talented seamstresses :] Also, If you happen to have something that you are selling from your own personal line you are welcome to PM me with it. I'm always interested in anything Classic, EGA, Gothic, or (sometimes but not always) Sweet. Thank you!
Witch Pheobe
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